How do I get a hardship license after my DUI in Mississippi?

If you get convicted of a DUI (1st Offense) in Mississippi, part of the punishment is that the Mississippi Department of Public Safety is going to suspend your driver’s license for no less than 90 days, or until you complete the Mississippi Alcohol Safety Education Program, whichever is longer.

Unless you refused to take a “chemical” test (breath, blood, or urine), you can apply to get your license back after only 30 days of suspension, on the basis of a “hardship.”  This is a separate action, filed in a separate court, from your DUI.  You have to show the court that the long suspension would “hinder your ability” to:

  1. continue your employment;
  2. continue your education; or
  3. obtain necessary medical care.

Normally this must be shown with affidavits from your boss, your school, or your doctor.  But once you have the required documentation, it is usually not too difficult to get your suspension down to 30 days.  Then you go back to the Department of Public Safety, pay your reinstatement fee, and get your license back.  Taking you through this process is a service I provide with every DUI representation, if you meet the requirements.

On a related note, upon your conviction of a DUI (2nd Offense), your license will be suspended for two years.  The court will order that you undergo a drug and alcohol assessment, and IF it is determined that you need treatment for an abuse problem, and IF you successfully complete the treatment, THEN you can get your license reinstated after only one year. 

If you get convicted of a DUI (3rd Offense), you are going to be doing some time, and guess what?  You will be losing your license for five years.  IF you go through  the assessment, and IF you successfully complete the required treatment, THEN you are eligible for reinstatement after three years.  This relief from the suspensions after subsequent DUI convictions is not called “hardship” relief per se, but I can help you with these as well.

If we beat your DUI then you won’t need a hardship license.