The Guthrie Firm, PLLC Announces Strategic Partnership with TCS Risk Management Group

I am pleased to announce that my firm has formed a strategic partnership with TCS Risk Management Group, a local firm specializing in all types of investigation, including criminal and DUI investigation, accident reconstruction, litigation support, and public safety consultation. TCS is based in Rankin County, but maintains a statewide network of investigative professionals with over 30 years of law enforcement experience. I have worked with them on other cases, and I know that with their assistance we’ll have a much better chance with your case.

With this partnership, I will be more comfortable with the facts of your case than ever before, thereby increasing our chances of success at trial. I used to do all of my own investigative work when I was in the Marine Corps, and that has its advantages. But the expertise and “inside” knowledge of these trained professionals will be invaluable as we kick all of the tires, turn over all the rocks, and find and develop the facts of your case. These are just some of the things I plan on having them do:


  1. Meeting with the client at the scene of the arrest.
  2. Completing a detailed questionnaire regarding the incident.
  3. Walking through the entire event with the client from time of stop until booking procedures, noting any significant details that I could miss by just sitting behind my desk.
  4. Photographing (at the direction of the client) the scene of the arrest, shoes worn at the time, surface conditions, etc.
  5. Driving through the route with the client prior to the stop, and videotaping the route of travel.  This video will be imaged onto a DVD and possibly used as evidence in the case.


  1. Witness interviews
  2. Polygraph examinations
  3. Surveillance
  4. Evidence development

 INJURY AND WORKERS’ COMP CASES (Yes, I handle these too)

  1. Accident reconstruction
  2. Witness interviews

Nothing is absolute in the law, but it has been my experience that the lawyer that has the best command of the facts is almost always better off.  I look forward to working with TCS, and with you, to obtain the best result possible in your case.  Give me a call at 601-991-1099, or for more information visit  We are here to help.