Don’t Talk to the Police

If you type “Don’t Talk to the Police” into google you will very quickly get 95,900,000 results in 0.10 seconds.  I’m not kidding.  Try it.  And now you will get 95,900,001, because here is another take on it.

Prolific Jackson-based blogger Kingfish of the Jackson Jambalaya blog has this post entitled Excellent Advice, which features a 27-minute lecture from a law professor in Virginia on why you should never speak to law enforcement when you might be accused of a crime.  And knowing that you probably won’t believe the lawyer, his lecture is followed by an actual cop lecturing for 21 more minutes reinforcing the concept.

Most interesting thing the cop said:  he has interrogated literally thousands of people over 28 years, and he has only let “a couple” walk away totally innocent.  Think about that.  

  1. Don’t talk.
  2. Don’t run.
  3. Don’t fight.
  4. Don’t buy what they say.
  5. Don’t consent.
  6. Don’t let them in.
  7. Say “I want a lawyer.”
  8. Call 601-991-1099