What about Hog Dog Rodeos?

I posted the other day about dog fighting in Mississippi, and I almost immediately got a call from a hog dog enthusiast wanting to know the penalties for that activity.  A “hog dog rodeo” is where dogs, usually pit bulls, are turned loose on a wild boar, and are judged on how quick they can take it down.  This is NOT wild hog hunting with dogs, which is legal, or a “bay event” (herding competition where points are deducted if a hog is caught, held, or harmed), which is also legal.  This is a “catch,” or a fighting event where dogs or hogs are likely, according to the statute, to be “injured, maimed, mutilated, or killed. 

The penalties are a fine of not more than $1000.00, or imprisonment for not more than 6 months, or both.  See Miss. Code Ann. § 97-41-18.