Will my driver’s license be suspended for a minor drug crime?

Your Mississippi driver’s license is in danger of being suspended for any drug conviction.

Mississippi Code Annotated § 63-1-71 states that if you are convicted of, enter a plea of nolo contendere, or adjudicated delinquent (Youth Court) for any offense defined in the state’s Uniform Controlled Substances Law, or the laws of anywhere else for the use, distribution, possession, manufacture, or sale of drugs or other controlled substances, you will forfeit your right to operate a vehicle in the state of Mississippi for a period of six months.  If you don’t have a license, or you are under 15, the six months begins when you get your license, or you turn 15.  If your license is already suspended, the six months is tacked on to the end of your current suspension period.

Which drug crimes and offenses could get my license suspended?

All of them.  Mississippi’s Uniform Controlled Substances Law makes it illegal to sell, barter, transfer, manufacture, distribute, dispense, or possess any controlled substance.  This includes, but is not limited to, marijuana, cocaine, crack cocaine, methamphetamines, precursors, prescription drugs, drug paraphernalia, or anything listed on the drug schedules.  Virtually anything you can think of having to do with drugs puts your license in play.

If my license is suspended as a result of a drug conviction, can I get a hardship license?

Yes.  A lawyer can help you get a hardship license in much the same way that you can get a hardship license after a DUI conviction.