Mississippi Crime of the Week – Ticket Scalping

Let’s imagine, for the sake of illustration, that Ole Miss is undefeated, and headed for the BCS title game.  The only thing stopping them is the Egg Bowl, and let’s say that Mississippi State is also undefeated.  Let’s say that you have two tickets on the 40, and you can’t make your car payment.  If you attempt to sell them for a profit you are breaking the law.  

Section 97-23-97 of the Mississippi Code Annotated makes it a misdemeanor to sell an admission ticket to “any athletic contest of any college or university of the State of Mississippi or for any admission ticket to any entertainment event held on state property” for more than the price printed on the ticket.

Further, said tickets must be sold in such a manner and in such a place that is designated by the authorities issuing them.  All of this being said, nothing prevents you from selling your tickets for their face value if you can’t make the game.

This law is not strictly enforced, but if you get caught up in it give me a call and let’s discuss your options.