Clarence Guthrie Appears on WLBT’s Law Call to Discuss DUI in Mississippi

Last night I went to the WLBT studios and appeared on “Law Call,” a live call-in show hosted by my friends Rocky Wilkins and Tim Porter, and my new friend Tamika Smith.  Every show highlights one call-in topic.  I went to law school with Rocky, and I go to church with Tim, and they asked me to come down and discuss one of my favorite subjects, DUI in Mississippi.

The live calls were intelligent and timely, and we were able to touch on some great topics, including:

As we discussed, a good DUI attorney will spend 50% of the time on your case actually working on and trying your case.  The other 50% is spent educating you on the process, debunking myths that are out there about DUI, and making certain that you always know what is going on with your case.

I’ve been on TV before (when you come see me ask me about Bob Barker and The Price is Right), but I’m always fascinated with how TV shows are produced, and it is exciting to be in a TV studio.  I had a great time, and I hope we were able to put some good information out there.  I was told the telephone lines were lit up, and some people didn’t get to ask their questions in our limited 30-minute show.  If that is you call me at my office at 601-991-1099, and I’ll be glad to help you.